Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our New Home In Corpus Christi, Texas

Today marks ten days in our new home and it already feels old and comfortable, like we've been living here for a long time. That's a good sign.

Our new address is 32 Rock Creek Drive, and it's part of a condominium townhome development. Here's our front door:

The view from our front door is really nice, as we're on a small artificial pond with landscaping. The pond is home to fish, several ducks, and at least one blue crab we've spotted. Beyond those trees is the Pharaohs Golf Course and Oso Bay:

Here's the front view of our unit and adjoining townhomes. To the left of our front door (and that tree!) is the window of our media room, the upper left is the window of our guest bedroom, and the window to the right above the front door is the window of our home office. We'll be taking a look at those rooms next:

The media room is where we've been spending a lot of our time. It has our big HDTV set and two sofas and is adjacent to the kitchen. Di did a really great job decorating this area; as you can see, she has a taste for oriental themes and items.

While I'm no longer formally working-----I'm considered "medically disabled" these days-----Di and I did set up a home office complete with two computers, wireless broadband, a separate business phone, file cabinets, etc. We still haven't unpacked the scanner, laser printer, etc., so this nice open room will soon get a lot more cluttered!

My favorite "work room" is turning out to be our guest bedroom shown below. It is light and airy, and I like listening to the sounds of the fountains and ducks outside. You can see my laptop computer in the photo below, and I'm using it right now to post this to my blog:

The large windows in the guest bedroom let in a lot of light, and I enjoy sitting in the rocking chair while reading.

This is the view I have from my side of the bed in the master bedroom. The wall decorations are a little sparse because we still have several framed pictures and prints to hang, but it already feels very "homey" and familiar:

Lucy the wonder rabbit even has her own room, a former storage area with a tile floor and plenty of room for her to play (yes, that's a litter box, and, yes, she is housebroken, just like a cat):

Several ducks call our condo development home, and I get a lot of laughs from watching their antics-----"duck politics" are almost as confusing and absurd as human politics!

We're less than a mile from Oso Bay and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and the adjoining golf course is the perfect place for pleasant walks in the evenings. Our neighbors all seem friendly and sane; the "vibe" here is right. I think this will be the perfect place for what I need at this point in my life!