Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dub And Buck

The hardest thing about leaving the Bar Nothing Ranch was having to say goodbye to our horses Buck and Dubya. Below is a photo of them in our pasture; Dubya is looking at the camera while Buck is staring off into the distance:

Dubya is a registered quarter horse (registered name "Nick's Whiz") while Buck was an Arabian (registered name "Double 00 Buckshot'). Buck was Di's horse while Dub was mine, but both really belonged to each other. They were a herd of two, and were like a couple of six year old brothers, always picking on each other and playing together. Seeing how closely they were bonded caused us a lot of anxiety when we were planning our move. We couldn't bear to separate them, but not too many people want two horses at once or have the commitment to keep a bonded pair together.

We got lucky. Through Craigslist-Austin, we were able to locate three solid candidates interested in buying them as a pair. We invited all three out to the ranch for interviews------yep, just like an adoption!-----and to see how they interacted with both horses. All three would've been great owners, but one couple stood out: Sue and Ward Critz of Giddings, TX. As soon as we met them, we knew, absolutely knew, they were the ones.

The Critzes have 120 acres, and Dub and Buck will be ridden on a regular basis to help herd cattle. They also have two other horses, and the Critzes were looking to replace two other horses, one aged 33 years and the other 35 years, they lost in 2007. The clincher was that one of the horses the Critzes lost last year, a mare named Sugar, and Dubya shared a common ancestor, a well known quarter horse named Sugar Bars. Sugar Bars was Sugar's grandfather and Dub's great grandfather; that told us the placement with the Critzes was meant to be!

It was very emotional when the Critzes came to take away Dub and Buck, and I don't mind admitting I cried as I watched the trailer carrying them drive away. If you have to say goodbye to someone or something, and if there isn't a scream of pain within you as you see them leave, then you didn't really love that someone or something. And Di and I both really loved those two horses. I am grateful for the time they were in our lives and for the opportunity to have loved and cared for both of them.

The Critzes have taken some pictures of them in their new home and have sent them to us, and Di and I have a standing invitation to visit both of them. We will definitely take advantage of that offer. Until then, Di and I will remember scenes like the one below at the Bar Nothing Ranch. Dub and Buck gave us many happy memories and good times, and Di and I will always love them!