Monday, January 7, 2008

More Visual Weirdness

More strange .JPEGs I found hiding somewhere on my hard drive. . . .

It's good to know school administrators in Sandy Valley, NV have their priorities straight when it comes to attracting students:

At this gas station on Interstate 20 near the Louisiana/Mississippi state line, I noted Jerry Garcia's solution to petroleum shortages:

As some of you know, I have a weakness-----much like others have for alcohol or junk food-----for Mexican "lucha libre" movies. These movies star actual masked Mexican wrestlers; when they're not battling sundry would-be usurpers of their wrestling belts, they battle werewolves, Aztec mummies, space aliens, vampires, etc. One of the biggest stars of lucha libre movies is Mil Mascaras. "Mil Mascaras" means "1000 masks" in the Se Habla language; Mil would enter the ring wearing one mask and dramatically remove it to reveal another mask underneath. After (naturally!) defeating his scummy opponent, Mil would give the first mask he wore to some child (usually handicapped) siting near ringside; he would never wear the first mask again. (This is in stark contrast to American politicians, who repeatedly wear the same mask in public.) My favorite film starring Mil is Los Campeones Justicieros, in which Mil and other masked wrestlers (including Blue Demon, another of my faves) battle a team of super-powered midgets from outer space; it's the Godfather Part II of lucha libre movies.

In 2000, I was lucky enough to meet Mil in San Francisco; the documentary proof is below. Note the expression on my face. It is not one of hip, ironic detachment but instead pure, boyish delight. I'll admit it: I was thrilled to shake Mil's hand!

I've been to the Louvre a couple of times, but I never stopped by Pahrump, NV's "brothel art museum." When I consider I will go to my grave without having seen it, I am filled with this deep, abiding sadness. . . .

Pearsonville, CA has an odd claim to fame:

And if you're ever midway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles on Interstate 15, the Bun Boy Restaurant and Motel beckons! I've never stayed in the motel, but I've ate there a few times and the food isn't too bad; it's like an upscale Denny's. (Is he being serious or sarcastic??)