Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ridin' The Storm Out

As I write this, Hurricane Dolly is getting ready to come ashore south of Corpus Christi. If you're watching coverage on CNN or the Weather Channel, you might think we're barely clinging to life in the face of this natural disaster. However, my biggest concern at the moment is what I should have for lunch.

So far, it's been like a strong cold front here-----lots of rain, gusty winds, some lightning, etc. There was a flurry of excitement around 10:00 am this morning when a waterspout was sighted on Corpus Christi Bay heading for downtown, but it dissipated before making landfall. And that's been about all. Conditions are expected to worsen this afternoon, and some flooding might happen in low-lying areas. Since the national news media are not interested in anything that happens between New York and Los Angeles unless 1) things are exploding, 2) things are on fire, 3) something crashed, or 4) debris is flying through the air, I guess that means there will be nothing about Corpus Christi on CNN tonight or in tomorrow's New York Times.

So everything is fine here. And I think I'll have some bean and cheese taquitos for lunch.