Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Photos Of Dub And Buck In Their New Homes

Kimberly Critz, the daughter of Sue and Ward Critiz-----the new owners of Dub and Buck-----sent along some photos of the boys she took over the July 4 weekend.

Here's a photo of Kimberly atop Dub as he strikes a classic "Dub pose"------what a great look on his face! Note that Dub is being ridden with a hackamore and not a bit; that's good clue as to how "dead broke" he was. And the saddle and riding tack Dub is wearing is my old saddle and tack (yep, we threw it in with the horses since they were accustomed to those saddles and tack):

Here's another photo of Kimberly atop "the Dubster." He is such a beautiful horse; this photo reminds me of why I decided I wanted to buy him as soon as I saw him!

One of the fascinating quirks in the relationship between Dub and Buck was how they were rivals in so many ways-----for food, for attention, for whatever------yet either would go nuts if the other was ridden out of sight. We noticed this whenever we would ride one horse around the Bar Nothing Ranch while the other was in the inner pasture or stalled in the barn; we could hear the "whinnying" of the other loud and clear! The photo below cracks me up; it's Buck calling out for Dub, and I can hear his plaintive "whinny!!" as I look at the picture!

In her e-mail, Kimberly told how they are up to their old antics in their new home, such as racing around the pasture in the evenings after it cools off. (Just wait until you see them on winter days when the high temperature is in the 60s!) All in all, it's reassuring to see how well the boys have adjusted to their new home and how well they are being cared for. They are really missed, but I'm glad they are happy with their new loving owners!