Monday, June 9, 2008

Say Hello To Stanley The Cat!

Di and I have a female cat named Sydney, and she seemed a little lonely in a household dominated by three dogs and a rabbit who thinks she's a Doberman Pinscher. We resolved to get her a feline companion, and as a consequence the newest member of our household is a cat named Stanley.

We didn't choose Stanley. Instead, he selected us. We went to the Coastal Bend Humane Society in Corpus Christi looking for a female Siamese cat. We tried our best to ignore Stanley----then known as "Casanova"-----but he refused to be ignored. He kept poking his paws out of his cage and touching us. He made lots of noises and rubbed up against our hands when we reached into his cage. He had decided he wanted to go home with us, and so we came home with a male muttcat instead of a female Siamese purebred.

Another problem was his name. We originally wanted to call him "Sheldon" to match Sydney's name (yes, our cats were going to be a tribute to the famed 1970s author of trashy novels) but he refused to acknowledge us when we called him "Sheldon." By mistake, I called him "Stanley," and he immediately responded to me. And that's been his name ever since.

Stanley is very playful and loving-----every night he has climbed onto the bed and slept with me and Di. He's very curious, likes to chase his own tail, and thinks the desk in the home office is a terrific place to take a nap. He's very much at home here and he's going to be a big part of our lives from now on!