Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Let's Buy Bill Gates A Linux Machine

Bill Gates hates Windows too. Here's proof.

Okay, it's really funny. But here's the truly remarkable part: in the 5+ years since Bill launched that Scud, absolutely nothing has changed. Nothing. If anything, Windows is even more of a pain in the butt since Vista was released, and solving the riddle of the web site is still like answering a Zen koan. Absolutely nothing changed.

That's just mindboggling, and tells me Microsoft's problems are genuinely beyond solution if they're sturdy enough to survive a direct blast from Chairman Bill.

Nothing will change under Steve Ballmer. Ballmer, after all, is the one who wanted to burn a big pile of Microsoft's cash to buy Yahoo, a mortally wounded internet has-been that's well on its way to joining InfoSeek, Excite, Lycos, etc., in the body bags Google uses to store its victims. Ballmer thinks it would be a better idea to buy Yahoo than the rest of Facebook. Need I say more?

Free investment advice: short Microsoft. And for your next computer, take a hard look at the inexpensive Linux laptops being offered by Asus. Instead of Microsoft Office, use Google Docs. You'll have a happier life if you do, and you can thank me later.