Thursday, October 9, 2008

Still Lucky

Today was my quarterly visit to my oncologist-----Monday was the day I got all the tests done------and I'm still almost giddy at the news: there has been no significant change from my last visit in July. Yes, that tumor's still on my liver, the blood markers indicate an active tumor, but there has been no apparent growth or increase in its activity over the last three months.

I had expected bad news this time. My phenomenal luck is still working. That guy who was both laughing and wiping away tears as he left Coastal Bend Cancer Center this morning was me.

Today is Yom Kippur, and Di has been fasting since sundown yesterday. While I believe none of what she does, I also fast with her as a sign of respect for her religion and also as a token of my love for her. We will be eating out tonight at sunset to break the fast, and tonight it will also be a celebration of the incredibly good news I've been getting since my last surgery in January.

Don't waste a day you've been given, my friends; enjoy, use, and savor every one of them.