Friday, September 5, 2008

The Ghost Town Of Coaldale, Nevada: The Saga Continues!

Back in April, I wrote about the ghost town of Coaldale, Nevada. That was one of the more puzzling sites I've visited, and I asked if anyone had more information about it. In July, Maria Avtgis, a former resident of Coaldale, wrote with more information about the place.

Coaldale, Nevada is the gift that keeps on giving! Today I received an e-mail from Gary "Bunndini" Bunn, a fellow "desert rat" who recently visited Coaldale. With his permission, I'm reprinting his comments:

We just rode through Coaldale Junction (May 08) on our way to two days in Tonopah, then Goldfield and on to Stove Pipe Wells. Someone burned down the cafe and garage at Coaldale to the ground! There was a little sign someone wrote that said "To those who died here". What that meant I don't know. That big old house out back was wide open and empty.

"To those who died here"?? Huh?? What's that supposed to mean??

I can't say I'm surprised that someone vandalized the site; one of the depressing things about the American West is how many isolated historic sites-----like ghost towns and rock art sites----have been damaged or destroyed. But that sign makes me suspect that something major may have happened at Coaldale after my visit.

If anyone has more information about Coaldale, or any of the other sites I write about here, I'd love to hear from you!

Gary has a fascinating web site at Drop by and take a look!